Preschool Number Activities

Learning Number Sequence

Preschool number activities that teach number sequence are essential to early learning success. As children begin to master counting by “ones,” skip-counting or counting by multiples can be introduced. Children love to count by tens, fives, twos or any other amount once they understand the concept of counting by multiples.

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Top Ten Preschool Number Activities:

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Number Cards 0 to 100 (print on 3x5 index cards)

Hundred Chart (print on card stock)

1. Count out jelly beans, Cheerios, or some other small object, as you move them from one pile to another.

2. Place jellybeans on top of the corresponding numerals as you count from 1 to 20, 50 or even one hundred as you fill up your “Hundred Chart.”

3. Print numerals 1 – 10 or 20 then place them in sequence on a large open floor. Take small toys, such as cars, and place them on top of each corresponding number as you count aloud, One, two, three…and so on.

4. Roll two to three dice then count the number of dots shown on all of the dice combined. You can use more dice as your child develops.

5. Take small objects and place them into a row of twenty piles with five objects (jelly beans, uncooked pinto beans, Cheerios etc…) in each pile. Then take the number cards: 5, 10, 15, 20, and so on up to 100 and place them on top of each pile as you sing aloud… “five, ten, fifteen, twenty…”

6. Repeat the same activity mentioned in activity number 5 (above), using multiples of 10.

7. Repeat the same activity mentioned in activity number 5 (above) using multiples of 2.

8. Take a cup of marbles and count aloud as you and your child place them into another plastic cup.

9. Hold up any number 1-20 and have your child clap, or jump that many times while counting aloud on each jump.

10. Spread the number cards face down and draw a card. Count aloud from 1 to what ever number you drew using your 100 Number Chart and pointing to each numeral

Coloring Numbers

Young children naturally love coloring and cutting out numbers! Tracing numbers is also a great preschool activity for developing fine motor skills while learning number recognition.

Instructions: Click on the name of the number you would like to view and then download it!

You can download as many number coloring pages that you would like to…FREE!

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