Tracing Shapes

Tracing shapes is a great preschool activity for developing fine motor skills. Young children naturally love coloring shapes and cutting them out as well, which also helps them develop their fine motor skills!

We have created many shapes coloring pages for your children to enjoy. We have provided you with common shapes such as circle, oval, rectangle, and square, as well as many different shapes including crescent, diamond, heart, octagon and more…

Shapes Coloring Pages:

Instructions: Click on the name of the shape you would like to view and then download it!

You can download as many shapes coloring pages that you would like to…FREE! Download all of them and make a coloring book that your children will love!

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Common Shapes


Oval (Vertical)

Oval 2 (Horizontal)




Triangle 2 (Right Triangle)

Star Shapes

Extra Tips/Suggestions and Comments: Start with the Five Pointed Star and move progressively to the Ten Pointed Star, as your child demonstrates the ability to trace, color, and cut out each star. This progressive approach will build confidence, as your toddler develops their fine motor skills.

Star (Five Pointed Star)

Star 2 (Six Pointed Star)

Star 3 (Eight Pointed Star)

Star 4 (Ten Pointed Star)

Different Shapes


Diamond (Diagonal)

Diamond 2 (Vertical)





Tracing Shapes Preschool Activity

The following preschool activity is a fun way to use the shapes coloring pages provided above:

Objectives:To help your toddlers identify shapes while developing their fine motor skills.


1. Shapes Coloring Pages (provided above).

2. Coloring Crayons.

3. Scissors.

4. Colored Construction Paper

5. Glue / Glue Stick


1. Ask your toddler to trace or outline the shapes on the coloring pages.

2. Have your toddlers color in the shapes.

3. Supervise your children as they cut out the shapes.

4. Help your children glue their shapes to construction paper.

5. Hang their competed works of art.


1. This preschool activity can be done using several different shapes and done on a large poster board.

2. Print out multiple shapes and have your children trace, color, and cut them out before gluing them to a large poster board.

3. Have your children cut out the names of the shapes and paste them to the construction paper or poster board next to the corresponding shape. This is a great way to teach your children to label objects and develop their reading skills as well.

Additional Resources:

1. Glue stick.

2. Poster Board.

Extra Tips/Suggestions and Comments: Have your toddler start with shapes that have more straight lines then progressively move toward shapes with more curves, arcs and multiple lines, such as the ten pointed star. This builds confidence, as your child refines their fine motor skills.

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